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If you find one without serial numbers, usually an application of hydrochloric acid will bring up the original number that some unnamed person or agency has obfuscated.The only unnumbered ones we saw were made by machine shops in North Korea and some much later from North Vietnam.The other side of slide has two or so patent numbers one dating late 1800's I believe and the other 1913 (or 18) Was told the frame cannot be sold with out serial number. Disassembled down to bare frame all parts save ejector and plugertube and cannot find any other numbers.Can buy for about 125 is there any way to purchase and still make it worth while financially.These handguns return to the quality and craftsmanship expected in an American gun maker who takes pride in their work.For the full lineup of Colt 1911s and their other products have a look at this link." I saw one 1911A1 type .45 at a gun show with absolutely no markings at all. It seems that BATF neglected to notice this and allowed some of these pistols to be imported on the surplus market in the '60's.

A Delta Gold Cup model was also offered for target competition.

The stainless steel Government Model version has recently been reintroduced.

Released in 1987 it was the second commercial pistol chambered in the 10mm cartridge, following the Dornaus & Dixon manufactured Bren Ten pistol, which was released in 1983 and pioneered the 10mm Auto chambering.

I would have bought it, but the price was almost enough to buy a late model used car. When you are at a gun show, and some shyster lays this kind of crap on you, demand to see some provenance (written proof) of his fantastic tale.

When I was in the Ordnance Corps I saw a large number of pistols used in covert operations; all of them had serial numbers.

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The "new" Delta Elites will be manufactured with the traditional barrel/bushing arrangement.

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